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6 Helpful Tips & Tricks to Help Avoid and Get Rid of Vaper's Tongue

by Matt Lovell on October 16, 2020

What is Vaper’s Tongue?

Have you ever been vaping your favorite flavor, only to notice that it seems to taste a little off? Or worse, that you can’t taste it at all, and your tongue feels a bit numb? It could be that you’re experiencing “vaper’s tongue.” Don’t worry! We’re here to help you understand what this odd feeling is, and how you can get rid of it.

What causes Vaper’s Tongue?

First things first:

don’t panic! Vaper’s tongue is usually not a serious or permanent issue. Instead, it’s usually a temporary issue caused by something else. There are a few common causes, including;

  • Dehydration:

    A lot of people forget how important it is to keep hydrated while vaping. Our taste buds need plenty of saliva to keep working, and your body needs water to produce saliva. Excessive vaping without rehydrating can dry out your tongue, mouth, and taste buds of saliva and cause vaper’s tongue.

  • Vaping One Flavor For Too Long:

    After you find your favorite flavor, you’ll want to vape it all the time. The thing is, this can end up causing vaper’s tongue. Sometimes, sticking with one flavor for too long will sort-of “burn out” your taste buds and prevent you from tasting anything.

  • Recently Switched From Smoking:

    Vaper’s tongue tends to be a problem for those who either just switched over from vaping, or are dual users who are trying to transition over to vaping.

3 Ways To Avoid Vaper’s Tongue

Now that you know the major causes of vaper’s tongue, you’ll be relieved to know that avoiding it isn’t all that difficult. Rather, there’s a few changes you’ll want to practice;

  • Drink More Water:

    With dehydration being a major cause, the solution is

    straightforward: drink more water! This will help you avoid drying out your tongue and mouth while vaping. You can also try cutting down on things like caffeine and alcohol, which tend to speed up the dehydration process.

  • Use Some Different Flavors:

    You may absolutely love the flavor you’re using now, but that love could be why you have vaper’s tongue!

    Try not just switching to a new flavor, but a new type of flavor as well. The extra variety will help give your taste buds a break, and you may even discover a new favorite in the process! For instance, if you’re a fan of mango, then PRIME Baby Beetle is a great choice. The complex combination of mango and other tropical flavors helps to keep your taste buds guessing! Our team is also always ready to help you find a possible new fit in-store or online!

  • Stop Smoking:

    Dual users will benefit from dropping the cigarettes and switching over to just vaping alone. Potentially avoiding vaper’s tongue is just one of the benefits you can expect to get from this decision!

3 Quick Fixes For Getting Rid of Vaper’s Tongue

Making these changes can help you avoid vaper’s tongue, but what about if you already have it and are trying to ger rid of it? In that case, some of these methods could help you find relief:

  • Take A Break:

    Take at least a 15-minute break from your vape and drink a glass of water to help keep hydrated. You can also try taking a break from your current flavor and instead use a different one for the day.

  • Smell Fresh Coffee Beans:

    Smelling fresh coffee beans sounds odd, right? It might be a little weird, but it’s

    a technique used by professional wine tasters. Inhaling the coffee bean’s scent seems to “reset” your sense of taste, which can help get rid of your vaper’s tongue.

  • Suck On A Lemon:

    While a little less pleasant than smelling coffee beans, sucking on a lemon juice can help take care of your taste buds. The sourness of the lemon causes our bodies to release more saliva, which will help get your taste buds back in working order.


With this extra knowledge, you should hopefully be able to better avoid vaper’s tongue in the future! That way, you can fully enjoy your favorite e-Liquid flavors, or any new ones we help you discover! Of course, should those vaper’s tongue symptoms persist even after trying the methods above, it’s a good idea to schedule a visit to your doctor to see what else may be causing your problems.


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