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A Flavor For Every Vaper - Introducing PRIME Juices

by Chelsi Sherin on February 03, 2020

A short while ago we brought you an article breaking down the ins and outs of E-Liquid and how to choose one for your best vaping experience. While we may have given you the information needed to make a selection, we didn’t give you any specific recommendations. That changes today as we’d like to take some time to focus on our PRIME E-Liquid.

Our juice bars are what set us apart in the vape community, and we wanted to take the guesswork out of our guest’s search for the premium juices they (and we) love. We hit the lab so we could deliver the best and most popular flavors to our customers and enhance the engaging experiences our juice bars provide.

The PRIME premium pourable juice line offers something for everyone, especially those with a bit of a sweet tooth. Check out all of our flavors below…


Mad Vapes PRIME E-Liquid Juice

Buddha’s Punch – Find Your Inner Peace With the One-Two Combination of Strawberries and Candy.

Celestial – Chewy Candy and Blood Orange With Notes of Champagne.

The Strand – Scientifically Engineered to Mimic the Mouthwatering Flavor of Strawberry in the Form of a Gummy.

Tyde – A Yummy Yummy Fruit Punch Gummy!

Victory – Triumph Over The Bland and Hold Your Head High With This Citrus Chewy Candy.


Mad Vapes PRIME E-Liquid Juice

The Brew – Hop Aboard and Float Through a Mash-Up of Strawberry Shortcake and Ice Cream

Vial – Experiment With a Fusion of Blueberry, Ice Cream, and Fluffy Shortcake.

Zenith – Sweet Sherbet Ice Cream With a Burst of Juicy Candy.


Mad Vapes PRIME E-Liquid Juice

Boujee ‘Bacco – Premium Sweet Caramel and Smooth Ripe Vanilla Tobacco.

Icy ‘Bacco – The Cleanest, Coldest Cut of a SMooth Tobacco.

Non-Boujee’ Bacco – Rich, Bold, and Ripe. It’s Straight to the Point.


Blunderbuss Ice – No Mistake Here! A Perfect Concoction of Strawberry and Watermelon w/ Ice!

Celestial Ice – Chewy Candy and Blood Orange With Notes of Champagne and Topped w/ Ice!

Fruit Flavors PRIME E-Liquid Juice

The interactive and individualized encounters our guests have at the juice bar just got a new, fresh upgrade. On top of that, when it comes to “premium juice,” the cost is usually high. However, with PRIME, we packed a punch to the palate but not the wallet…

Anti-Matter – A Phenomenal Mix of Sour Rasberry You Must Taste to Believe!

Blunderbuss – No Mistake Here! A Perfect Concoction of Strawberry and Watermelon.

Genesys – A Deliciously Sweet and Tart Green Apple.

Sucker Punch – Clobber Your Taste Buds With a Blast of Sour Lemon and Lime!


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