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Best Tobacco Salt Nic Juices of 2022

by Robert Taney on August 15, 2022

Best Tobacco Nic Salts

Tobacco vape juices have improved tremendously during the last decade. Advances in vape coil and vape pod technology has resulted in bulletproof reliability and incredibly easy to use vape pods and vape mods. But even the best vape isn’t going to help you if the flavors are bad. Authentic tobacco vape juice flavors have also reached new levels of quality. 

When it comes to user experience with tobacco vape juices, the biggest change is the use of salt nic juice is vaping. This style of nicotine allows for even smaller devices like vape pod kits, prefilled vape pods, disposable vapes to deliver satisfying performance. There are high-VG tobacco vape juices but today we will look at the best tobacco nic salts of 2022. 



Pod Juice Jewel Tobacco

Pod Juice Jewel Tobacco was made with the vaper who was initiated on prefilled vape pods in mind.  If this is you and you enjoy your tobacco nic salts, you are spending much more money than you would if you filled your own vape pod. The name of Pod Juice Jewel Tobacco drives this point home. It is a classic Virginia tobacco flavor loaded with earthy notes.

Prefilled versus Refillable Vapes


Pod Juice Vanilla Custard Tobacco 

Pod Juice Vanilla Custard Tobacco has a few more bells and whistles than a pared down prefilled vape pod operating underneath the federal flavor ban on "closed" vapes. Tobacco vape juices have always played nicely with smooth and sweet flavors. Butterscotch, smooth custard and vanilla are common added flavors. Pod Juice Vanilla Custard Tobacco checks all of these boxes. The authentic tobacco flavor is front and center. It is augmented with sweet notes that cut through some of the sharper notes and segue seamlessly with the sweet flue-cured tobacco inspired flavors.


Classic Tobacco I Love Salts 

I Love Salts Ad

Classic Tobacco I Love Salts delivers as advertised. It is a big step up in flavor, with amazingly precise tobacco inspired flavors. A perfect nic salt flavor, Classic Tobacco I Love Salts is a perfect alternative to a prefilled vape pod kit.


Boujee Bacco Prime Salt

Boujee Bacco Prime Salt has a name that suggests it is some sort of luxury item. While it is crafted from premium ingredients, the reality is that there are big savings to be enjoyed when you switch from a prefilled vape to bottled juices and disposable devices. This is a great price performer for something called "bounce".

Perhaps you can buy some boujee accessories with the savings accrued by filling your own  vape pods. Nonetheless, Prime Salts are still made from the finest ingredients and the addition of caramel and vanilla notes round out the flavor profile. A thick and rich flavor leavened with bold tobacco notes, this is a delightful alternative to gas station vape pods.


Salt Nic Juice 

Anyone who has been vaping since the start remembers when tobacco flavors were everywhere due to their popularity and not because the government banned the sweet flavors more popular with adults.

Early tobacco eJuices were made with freebase nicotine and generally had a high PG ratio. Later when box mods arrived, it was sweeter flavors that most customers selected for cloud chasing.

Even today, cloud chasing box mods are typically filled with high-VG vape juices flavored like desserts, fruits or beverages. Most tobacco vape juices are used in mouth-to-lung vape pens and vape pods. These are autodraw devices that provide authentic flavor. At one time, an actual throat hit was a crucial metric by which tobacco vape pens were judged.


That has changed and today the appeal of tobacco flavors in 2022 is much greater due to the use of nic salts. Nicotine salts allow for ejuice makers to use higher nicotine levels. This is because the pH level of salt nic is lower. As a result of this greater potency, it is possible to create e-liquids with a strength of 25 or even 50mg that is still palatable. With greater nicotine strength, less vapor is required. Less vapor means a less powerful battery is required. All of this has served to create a whole class of mouth-to-lung devices known as vape pods.


Save by Switching to a Refillable Vape Pod

Most adult vapers first learned about nic salts in the form of prefilled pods. Devices, such as the Juul, MyBlu and Vuse Alto, came in many flavors initially. Today, they are limited to tobacco flavors by the federal government. There is no corresponding federal ban on flavors currently but there are many states that deny adult vapers access to the flavors they prefer.

If you are currently using a prefilled vape pod kit, you should seriously consider making the switch to a refillable device. There are refillable vape pod kits like Vaporesso XROS and Vaporesso XROS Mini which are draw-activated, compact and easy to fill. They provide performance similar or superior to a gas station prefilled pod.

How much can you save refilling your own device? Consider that a Juul pod holds but 0.7ml of nic salts and only comes in tobacco flavor. This means it takes 43 Juul pods to equal one bottle of nic salts.

The savings are substantial, hundreds of dollars a month depending on how much your vape, but there are other advantages as well. You can put any e-liquid you want in a refillable vape pod because they will come with a pod designed for freebase e-liquids with lower nicotine and of course one optimized for nic salts.

This gives vapers the options to vape in different style and more importantly have access to lower nicotine strength options.


Refillable Vape Pod Kits

If you are going to make the switch from prefilled to refillable vape pods, you will need a vape pod kit. Luckily, there are many reliable starter kits that are easy to use and affordable. There are plenty of draw activated options that do not even have a single button to press. Pod kits also come with a couple of pods. They have been easier to use than ever.


Vaporesso XROS Mini

XROS Mini Pod

One of the easiest to use options is the Vaporesso XROS Mini. This is a very compact draw activated vape pod. The pods themselves are super easy to fill, the ports are located beneath the mouthpiece and easily accommodate the snout of a nic salt bottle. The Vaporesso XROS Mini is compatible with the pods of the slightly larger Vaporesso XROS. 

The 1000mAh battery is many times longer lasting than a Vuse Alto, MyBlu or Juul rechargeable lithium ion battery. The 2ml vape juice capacity is also greater. There are two pods to choose from. The first is 0.8ohms and flexible enough to be used with high-VG juices or lower strength nic salts. This is a 16 watt vape pod and not a vape mod, but the performance is still quite respectable in terms of vapor production. The 1.2ohm MTL pod is perfect for potent nic salts and has the flavor centered performance that adult vapers love. 





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