WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Guide to Nicotine Pouches: FIXX TFN

by Robert Taney on December 22, 2021

This guide answers any questions you may have about Tobacco Free Nicotine Pouches. FIXX TFN Pouches contain nicotine and are intended for use by current tobacco users.

Nicotine Pouches 101

Nicotine is an addictive chemical. This product is for adult tobacco users who are over the age of 21. We have no interest in selling this product to anyone who does not vape, smoke, or use smokeless tobacco.

Tobacco Free Nicotine Pouches such as the FIXX simply consist of eucalyptus or a similar carrying material that simulates the texture of tobacco. Soaked with high-quality Tobacco Free Nicotine, generally 3 or 6mg strength, the soft pouch is placed between the lips and gum like. That is the whole process. Nicotine Pouches are not a product that requires excessive spitting or clumps of tobacco like dip. They are compact, discrete, flavorful and satisfying.

FIXX Nicotine Pouches

FIXX Tobacco Free Nicotine Pouches are the result of a partnership between FIXX and Next Generation Labs (NGL). NGL is the manufacturer of TFN. FIXX TFN Pouches are not a product of Big Tobacco. Maybe you are satisfied with your current smokeless product but want to cut the cord with the tobacco industry. FIXX Pouches are a perfect point of entry into non-tobacco nicotine products.

FIXX Pouches do not produce a profusion of colored saliva that must be spit into an uncouth receptacle. They are “spit free” and can be swallowed in the same manner as a snus. This makes FIXX TFN Pouches a great option for current vapers who need a product that can be enjoyed in areas where vaping is not permitted.


FIXX Pouches are a revolutionary smokeless and vaporless upgrade. They are not just for dual use or bridging gaps in your day. The quality and satisfying experience offered by FIXX TFN Pouches cab easily stand on its own.

FIXX TFN Pouches

FIXX Pouches are the perfected article. A Tobacco Free Nicotine (TFN) pouch with flavor and performance that can match its tobacco-derived rivals. The convenience factor, even when compared to disposable vapes, cannot be beat.

FIXX Pouches incorporate certain time-tested design elements but represent a cutting edge spin on a classic design. If you are an adult tobacco user, FIXX is an affordable, satisfying, flavorful and tobacco free alternative.

The container that your FIXX Pouches arrive in has at least one surprise. Dead center on the top lid of the “can” is a recessed plastic area with a removable cap piece. That is the catch lid. Also found on some snus containers, it can be used to store a FIXX Pouch that has been used but is by no means finished.

catch lid
Catchlid for TFN Pouches

The catch lid is necessary because each FIXX Tobacco Free Nicotine Pouch can last up to an hour. Most customers keep their pouch in place for 10 to 40 minutes.

The catch lid can also be used if you do not have access to a trash can or want to store a piece of gum.

The Best Way to Use Your FIXX Pouch

Each individual pack of FIXX Tobacco Free Nicotine contains 20 pouches. There are two available nicotine strengths: 3 and 6mg.

Most FIXX Nicotine Pouch users place the product between their upper lip and gum. Products like FIXX are sometimes referred to as buccal.

There are certain CBD products that use sublingual or under the tongue placement. This choice is less common than beneath the upper lip. Certain flavors, specifically the Cinnamon FIX TFN Pouch, pack a solid flavor kick that might be a bit stiff for sublingual use.

Where to Position FIXX Pouch

The primary reason the upper lip and gum position is popular is practicality. It is much easier to talk, drink and go about your daily routine with the FIXX tucked in securely.

A FIXX Nicotine Pouch has great flavor and is formulated to last for up to a full hour. Half that length of time is a typical use. The best part is that you do not need a spittoon or to leave around cans filled with wretched, foul smelling tobacco juice and saliva slurries. Spit free is a gamechanger. Especially if you are in a location where vaping is not an option, but a nicotine pouch is acceptable.

Using a FIXX Pouch

FIXX Tobacco Free Nicotine Pouches pH balanced. If you are on the go, they are also primed. All you need to do is open the container. The soft and perforated pouches are snug and flavorful.

While FIXX TFN Pouches contain no tobacco, they have a nice mouthfeel and texture that is roughly akin to snus or comparable nicotine-free pouch product. To achieve this, FIXX uses a eucalyptus-derived cellulose base.

What really matters are the flavors. TFN has a more neutral flavor than tobacco-derived nicotine. This makes FIXX Tobacco Free Nicotine Pouches a perfect platform for delivering the precise flavor notes that adults are looking for.

FIXX TFN Flavors

FIXX TFN Pouches are available in the most popular smokeless flavors. All the mint bases are covered. Wintergreen, Spearmint and Mint all pop. The differences are standard but there is nothing ordinary about the quality. Wintergreen is a bit colder and sharper. Spearmint has a sweeter edge. Mint is more herbal and brighter. It is hard to pick just one. All three are outstanding.

FIXX Tobacco Free Nicotine Pouches also come in Mixed Berry and Citrus Rush. The neutral flavor of TFN draws out nice tart and crisp notes that are quite refreshing and palatable. The Cinnamon has a bit of a kick, almost like a sharp gum.

Tobacco was the most difficult flavor to formulate and required perfection. Competing against tobacco with an adjacent product that contains no tobacco required some masterful formulation. Mission accomplished. The Tobacco FIXX TFN Pouch has that flue-cured sweetness with bold earthy notes.


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