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How Much Can You Save Switching to Refillable Vape Pod Kit?

by Robert Taney on December 13, 2021

Switching from a prefilled vape pod or disposable vape pen to a refillable vape pod kit can potentially save adult vapers hundreds of dollars per month. Here is how.

How Much Can You Save Switching to Refillable Vape Pod Kit?

Vaping Costs
Savings from Refillable Device

Most adult vapers are just looking for a satisfying and easy to use vape device with great flavor. This is why disposable vapes and prefilled vape pods are so popular. In terms economics, there is a much cheaper alternative available.

Why Switch?

Switching from a prefilled vaping device, such as a vape pod or disposable, to a refillable device can save a ton of money. We are talking potentially hundreds of dollars a month if you currently buy prefilled vape pods at a gas station.

If you live in an area with no local flavor ban in place, switching to bottled nic salt juices will give you access to more delicious flavors. Even in areas with a flavor ban, there are dozens of amazing tobacco salt nic juices to choose from. After making the switch, you will be using a higher-performance device with longer battery life than a prefilled vape pod kit.

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In the process of switching, you will reduce your carbon footprint. No longer will your vaping habit leave a daily trail of empty vape pods. The waste from disposable vapes also includes an otherwise serviceable lithium-ion battery that is only used a single time. At Mad Vapes, we understand the value and practicality of disposables but it is worth considering making the switch to a refillable for everyday use. They are cheaper to operate per ml than a prefilled vape pod kit but still more than a refillable device.

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It is hard to argue with reducing spending and waste. And all you need to do is squeeze a bottle to fill a vape pod once a day. Modern vape pod kits are that easy to use.

Refillable Vape Pod Kits
The Mad Vapes Collection of Vape Pod Kits

Save Money and Switch to a Refillable Vape Pod Kit

This article is going to focus on switching from a disposable vape or prefilled vape pod to a refillable vape pod kit. The reason for this emphasis is that prefilled pods and disposables loaded with salt nicotine are the most popular products on the market today. There are no prefilled max-VG mods.

When switching from a prefilled to reusable device, you may be overwhelmed at first. There are hundreds of bottled salt nic juices on the market in every flavor imaginable. There are dozens of widely available and easy to use prefilled vape pod kits.

prefilled versus refillable vape pod kits
vape pod kit prices per ml

Flavor is subjective, and you are likely to find a favorite flavor after trial and error. As far as devices, you really can’t go wrong but the Vaporesso XROS Mini is pretty much a straight up replacement for either a prefilled vape pod kit or disposable.

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Cost of Juul Pods

The pods for the popular Juul device hold 0.7ml of nic salt e-juice. Your flavor options for a Juul are limited to tobacco by the federal vape pod flavor ban. Juul pods are sold in packs of four that cost $20.99. The 2.8ml of e-liquid contained in these four pods is ten-fold less than the amount found in a salt nic juice bottle.

It takes approximately eleven (10.71 is the exact number) 4-packs of Juul Pods to equal the capacity of a single 30ml salt nic bottle. Or to put it another way, you will have to spend about $224.89 on Juul pods to equal a single bottle of nicotine salts.

Bottled Salt Nic Juice Cost

How much does a 30ml bottle of nicotine salts cost? That can vary a bit. A bottle of I Love Salts costs $14.99. Some brands might be even less than this, there are also nic salt bottles that might run you $20.

Of course, most Juul, Vuse Alto or MyBlu vapers are not going out and buying $220 worth of pods. The price breaks down to a Juul pod costing about $5.50 before tax. Compared to the combustible cigarettes with which they compete on store shelves this does not sound terrible.

Price Difference Prefilled versus Refillable Pods

If you have the discipline to limit yourself to a single pod a day, your habit is costing you $165 a month and you are consuming 21ml every 30 days. This equates to 2/3rds of a salt nic juice bottle or about 10 dollars. If you vape more than a single pod a day, this number expands to alarming levels. Saving $150 a month by switching from a gas station prefilled pod to a refillable vape pod kit is a very reasonable and conservative estimate.

Salt Nic Juice Flavors

Most adult vapers prefer sweet fruit and beverage flavored e-liquids. While flavored prefilled pods are banned across the US, in many areas you can still enjoy the best vape juice flavors in a refillable vape pod kit. This means that your search for the best Juul Mint alternative or best Juul Mango alternative can be successfully concluded by switching to a refillable device. It is the absence of flavor options for prefilled pods that has allowed disposable vapes to flourish. We will cover the economics of disposables a bit later.

Vape Pod Kit Comparison

Your new bottle of salt nic juice is not going to vape itself. The same holds true for a prefilled vape pod kit. A Juul or Vuse Alto battery is going to cost less than a refillable vape pod kit, generally around $10. There is so much money being made in the selling of the prefilled pods that if they could be given away for free, they might very well do so. Vuse has tried just that on several occasions.

Juul uses a 200mAh battery, which often not enough to get you through the day. Rather than a standardized USB jack, they use a proprietary little gizmo with no cord. Quite impractical if you are on the move and use a USB battery to recharge your devices.

Juul’s output is estimated at around 10 watts. The Vuse Alto and MyBlu are closer to 15 watts. The resistances on the coils in these pods is comparable, about 1.2ohms.

Vuse Alto and MyBlu

The Vuse Alto packs a slightly bigger battery, 350mAh, and this is also the size of the MyBlu. Sidenote, the MyBlu was originally sold as the Von Erl vape pod kit. When Imperial Brands, owners of Blu, began to lose market share to vape pods prefilled with nic salts they bought the rights to the Von Erl and renamed in MyBlu. The Vuse Alto pod size in 1.8ml but they are sold in packs of 2, rather than 4 like Juul, so the actual e-liquid purchased in each pack is 3.6ml versus 2.8ml, rather than the greater than 2 to 1 size disparity of the actual pod. A MyBlu pod holds 1.5ml of ejuice.

Refillable Vape Pod Kits

Modern refillable vape pod kits are super easy to use, draw activated, reliable, and have much longer lasting batteries. The range of designs varies from mighty Mod Pods like the Voopoo Drag S Pro to smaller devices that are essentially a one-to-one refillable alternative for a prefilled vape pod kit such as the Vaporesso XROS Mini, UWell Caliburn family or Smok Novo series.

Smaller refillable vape pod kits like these generally cost $20 to $30. But they are far advanced of the prefilled pod systems in terms of performance and battery life. It takes five Juuls to match the battery capacity of an XROS Mini. Suddenly, $9.99 does not seem so cheap!

Juul versus Vaporesso XROS Mini

Vaporesso XROS Mini Dimensions
The Vaporesso Xros Mini is less than 4 inches long

You are ready to save a couple hundred dollars a month by ditching the prefilled vape pod kit. The Vaporesso XROS Mini is a perfect device to compare because it has a similar form factor to Juul, or a disposable vape. It is autodraw, compact and has no buttons to push.

There are no coils to swap either. The pod affixes into place just like with a prefilled vape pod kit. The top is removed to reveal a pair of fill ports. That is it. The product is that easy to use.

Filling Vaporesso Xros Mini
Easy to fill and leak free- Vaporesso XROS Mini Pods

With improvements in coil technology, the coils in a refillable pod should last about half a bottle of e-liquid and the XROS Mini Pods are sold in two packs for $4.99. Adding the price of replacement pods to a bottle of salt-nic juice bumps the price up to $25 a bottle. This is still $200 cheaper per 30ml than a prefilled pod.

Vaporesso Xros Mini Dimensions
A picture of simplicity, the Vaporesso Xros Mini

To put it another way, you could literally throw your entire refillable vape pod kit in the trash every time you finished a bottle of salt nic juice and still end up saving thousands of dollars per year. If you are looking at just battery life, you would have to carry three Vuse Altos or five Juul pens to match the battery capacity of an XROS Mini.

Prefilled versus Refillable Vape Pod Conclusions

There are dozens of ways to slice and dice the numbers. But there is no escaping the immutable fact that prefilled vape pods cost hundreds of dollars per 30ml and a bottle of salt nic juice costs $20. In both cases, it is the exact same style of liquid. The flavor availability is much greater with a refillable device.

Even adding in the cost of replacement pods, about $2.50, there is no comparison. The prefilled device, rather than the pods, are cheaper than a refillable vape pod kit. But not by enough of a margin to offset the performance difference and battery life, let alone the expense of operating.

While the Juul is an extreme case, Juno, MyBlu and Vuse Alto products are all less expensive to operate, the price difference remains enormous. If money is an object of any importance in your life, it behooves you to get a refillable vape pod kit. And the Vaporesso XROS Mini is a great starter kit choice because it has everything you need to hit the ground except the actual e-liquid, and it is super easy to fill and use.

Disposable Vapes versus Refillable

The major selling point of a prefilled vape pod kits is that they are exceedingly easy to use, satisfying and have great flavor. Compared to a combustible cigarette, they are priced competitively. A refillable vape pod kit checks all these boxes, although it will require filling, and will cost far less to own and operate. Filling really shouldn’t be viewed as daunting but is basically the only difference, apart from the fact that prefilled vape pods are no longer available in the most popular flavors with adults.

Disposable Vapes versus Prefilled Pods

But there is another salt nicotine delivery system that is even easier to use. Despite this ease of use, they are also a much better price performer than Juul. They are still available in the flavors that adult vapers prefer. If you live in an area with a flavor ban, you can still take advantage of dozens of delicious tobacco e-liquid and salt nic juice flavors. Using the same style of nic salt juices, they are a very popular method of vaping. We are referring to the disposable vape pen.

While refillable vape pod kits are still a better price performer, Mad Vapes carries a wide range of disposable vapes because they are very practical in many situations. They deliver plenty of satisfaction and great flavor. Yet it is still worth considering the price per ml difference between refillable and disposable. Much like the price per ml varies between the Vuse Alto, MyBlu and Juul, there are a wide range of disposable vapes on the market.

If not heavily discounted, smaller disposables are more expensive per ml than longer lasting disposable vapes. The classic stick style disposable vape, popularized by Puff Bar and Beco, holds 1.3ml of e-liquid. This is about two times the capacity of a Juul pod. Usually starting at about $7, the cost per 30ml of e-liquid in stick bar disposable is $61 dollars less than a Juul. At over $161.00 per 30ml, it hardly constitutes a bargain but is still saves a significant amount.

Longer Lasting Disposable Vapes

The economic advantage of disposable vapes increase with their e-liquid capacity. A Hyde Edge, one of the highest rated disposables on the market, holds 6ml of salt nic juice. It only takes five of these to equal a salt nic bottle. At list price, this slashes the price per 30ml down to $100. The even bigger Hyde Duo Recharge holds 10ml. Three of these longer-lasting disposable vapes is the equivalent of salt nic juice bottle, and the price per 30ml drops further to a hair under $75. This is pretty much three times the cost of a 30ml nic salt bottle when the price of refillable pods is calculated in.

Nicotine Strengths

There is a final consideration that makes refillable vape pod kits an even better choice: Nicotine strength options. Almost all disposable vapes come in 50mg nicotine strength. Vuse Alto and Juul are available in 25 and 50mg nicotine strength. Bottled Nic Salts generally come in medium and high potency strengths that parallel their prefilled vape pod cousins, usually 25 and 50mg as well. MyBlu offers a wide range of nicotine strengths. MyBlu Intense are their salt nic juices and range from 24 to 40mg. There are also freebase nicotine options for MyBlu, starting at 9mg and ranging all the way up to 24mg.

Refillable vape pod kits now have multiple coil resistance options. The Vaporesso XROS Mini has 1.2ohm high resistance coil for potent salt nic juices and 0.8ohm pods for freebase nicotine. This opens a world of lower nicotine strength options. Most freebase juices come in 0, 3 and 6mg nicotine strengths.

Madvapes.com has no interest in selling our products to people who do not vape or smoke. Our vision is for a world where combustible cigarette smokers can enjoy the best electronic nicotine delivery systems and gradually reduce their nicotine intake with an eye on a lifestyle free from vaping. This is a potential appeal of the lower nicotine strength options you can vape in a refillable vape pod kit.

Final Thoughts

Filling your own device saves a ton of money. Period. Refillable devices have never been easier to use. Prefilled vape pods are no longer available in their most popular flavors. Disposables vapes are better price performers than prefilled vape pods and practical in many situations. They are still much more expensive to own and operate than a device you fill yourself.


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