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How To Select The Best Vapor Device For Your Desired Experience

by Madvapes Blog on January 30, 2020

When you ask the question, “How do I select the best vaping device for myself?” The answer is fairly simple. You must learn about all of your options, weigh the pros and cons of each possible choice, and make the best decision you can base on the information available. If you are asking that question, and why wouldn’t you be if you’re here, you’re in luck. We’re going to break down the different options, what separates them from the pack and leave you with enough information to make an informed decision and choice.

In a past article, we went over The Anatomy of a Vape Pen. In that piece, we break down, in detail, each part of the device, and even though many devices are different, they all consist of the same pieces and parts to deliver vapor to the user. From the atomizers to the coils, the batteries to the wicks and even the E-Liquid, we give an easy breakdown of the entire device.

Now that we have you caught up, we can dive into the different devices to help you determine which is best for you…


The classic E-Cigarette, commonly referred to as a Cig-a-Like, is the most common and recognizable device on the market. They come in both disposable and refillable options and are the easiest to use. Disposable is just that, but the refillable are also rechargeable. Whether they use a manual battery which must be pressed for power or use a suction activated switch that powers the device on, these devices are compact and simple to use. The main issue with these for vapers is the lack of effectiveness at producing vapor or flavor along with the lack of battery life that they tend to have in comparison to other options. The simplicity and recognizability of this device continues to keep it as a popular option for many people.

Pen Style Devices

The Pen Style devices are a little larger than the classic Cig-a-Like, but they provide a larger battery and tend to come with a clearomizer style tank which allows the user longer use and eliminates the need to refill quickly. While still a simple device compared to many, some brands allow the user to adjust the voltage on their Pen Style devices to give a more customizable experience. However, like the Cig-a-like, these tend to use coils on the high end of the resistances which doesn’t allow a lot of vapor or the best flavor out there.

Variable Voltage/Wattage

Variable Voltage (VV) and Variable Wattage (VW) devices are some of the most popular devices on the market for many reasons. Because of their high power use and multiple features, users are able to customize their experience to their liking. Some of these devices use internal batteries while others have replaceable options, but the ability to adjust the power will require users to understand the process of vaping at a much deeper level, and this also includes knowing which voltage and resistance levels necessary to get the proper, and safest, vape possible. These devices also let you change and replace the style of tank you use, which will also affect your vape and the necessary power needed. It’s a great option for the experienced.

Temperature Control

These may be newer to the scene, but they’re gaining in popularity quickly for not only their ability to deliver a quality vape but also their safety. Temperature Controlled devices work by detecting the change in the coil’s resistance as it heats. It limits the power based on your setting to prevent the coil from heating past the specified temperature thus delivering exactly what you want while keeping you safe in the process.


Mechanical Devices are extremely simple in their design. There is no wiring or circuitry involved and has very little that can break and need to be replaced. They’re also very durable and sturdy. The biggest issue with these is safety, and inexperienced users should avoid probably avoid them. Users that do want to push the limits of vaping can use these if they choose, but they should also have knowledge of battery safety, ohms law, and other electrical concepts to vaping.

Vaping can go in many different directions for each person who chooses to partake in the practice, it just depends on each and every user’s intended desire. Make sure to check out MadVapes.com and choose what’s best for you!


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