WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Long Lasting Egge Disposable by 7 Daze

by Robert Taney on January 18, 2022

Egge Disposable Vape by 7 Daze Review

The Egge Disposable by 7 Daze represents a new way to approach longer lasting disposable vapes. Until now, making a longer lasting disposable required adopting a cylindrical design with an ever increasing circumference, length and battery size. Disposables had once been quite small but some of these longer lasting disposables have grown to the size of a small flash light.

The Egge uses a USB-C rechargeable battery to keep the size down. But it still contains an impressive 7ml of salt nic juice. 


The Egge by 7 Daze Disposable Vape Features

  • 7ml of Salt Nic Juice
  • Ten Nicotine Salt Juices by Red's Apple
  • Draw Activated Firing Mechanism
  • 50mg (5%) Nicotine Strength
  • 3000 Puffs (Manufacturers Estimate)
  • 400mAh Integrated Battery
  • USB-C Charging 


Disposable Vapes


Disposable vapes have been around for a decade. The earliest versions were cigalikes with tobacco flavored e-liquids. Nic salts didn't even exist on the commercial market at this time. Instead, they used very potent freebase nicotine. Freebase nicotine is quite suitable for high-VG and lower nicotine e-juices. But it gets a bit harsh at higher potency levels. This really limited what these early disposables could accomplish.

Adding nic salts e-liquids to a disposable vape was a brilliant move. What had been lackluster and underpowered devices now shined brightly with bold flavors. The federal flavor ban that removed flavored vape pods from the market further helped their cause. Limited to tobacco flavors, adult vapers who wanted the flavor profiles the majority preferred had to turn elsewhere. And no vape device is easier to use and more convenient than a disposable vape. As described in a recent feature, refillable devices save money, but some vapers simply do not want to bother with filling. 

The technology of an early Posh or Puff Bar is virtually enchanged from the ridiculous cigalikes that were found in convenience stores a few years prior. These early manufacturers scrapped the ridiculous fake cigalike form and foolish light that was meant to resemble an ember. A shell that had the rectangular form factor of the popular Vaporesso XROS, UWell Caliburn and Juul arrived in its place.  


Longer Lasting Disposable Vapes

Unfortunately, devices like the Puff Bar were limited by their dimensions. They contained twice the e-liquid of a Juul pod but this was not enough for most adult vapers. Soon, a wave of cylindrical disposables arrived. This was the gold standard for longer lasting disposable vapes until recently. 

There has been no transformative advance in battery capacity. As a result, ever larger batteries are required to burn through the 7 or 8ml of e-liquid contained in a disposable vape. This is why the longer lasting disposable vapes are so larger. The Egge by 7 Daze flips this limitation on its head. A rechargeable battery can be much smaller, it simply has to last through the day. This allowed Egge to use a smaller 400mAh battery and create a disposable that fits in the palm of your hand. 


Egge Disposable Vape by 7 Daze

The Egge Disposable does look a bit like an egg. It is a draw activated disposable that delivers exactly what adult vapers are looking for: convenience, flavor and satisfaction. The USB-C technology is charges fast. The 400mAh battery is sufficient for day of vaping. The flavor is spot on. 


Red's Apple Nic Salts

The perfect disposable blends flavor, reliability convenience and satisfaction. If the disposable is weak in any of these areas the quality of the product suffers. The convenient and easy to use Egge holds up the hardware end of the deal. It is a draw activated device. The tight autodraw functionality couldn't be more accessible to an adult vaper. Simply open the packaging and vape. 

Inside of each Egge Disposable Vape by 7 Daze is a salt nic juice formulated by the master mixologists at Red's Apple.  Red’s Apple brings a lot more to the table than just apple inspired e-liquids. The Egge Disposable by 7 Daze is available in ten amazing flavors. 


Egge Disposable Vape Flavors

Red’s Apple salt nic juices feature authentic fruit notes. Often augmented with cool menthol, these are the flavors that adult vapers prefer. Most adult vapers will find plenty to enjoy among these ten flavor options. 



  • Berry Fusion Iced
  • Glacial Mint
  • Island Colada
  • Mangoberry
  • OG Reds Iced
  • OG Reds Watermelon Iced
  • Sour Bites
  • Strapple Iced
  • Tropic Passion


Berry Fusion Iced Egge Disposable Vape

Blueberry, raspberry, strawberry, pomegranate, and menthol flavors are fused in this amazing nic salt flavor. Not surprisingly, the concoction was dubbed Berry Fusion Iced.  This is the best Vuse Alto Mixed Berry alternative. It is hard to go wrong with a mixed berry ice nic salt but Berry Fusion stands out from the crowd due to its crisp flavors and quality. 


Glacial Mint Egge Disposable Vape

Juul Mint was once the most popular vape product in the US. Removed from the US market by a federal flavor ban, adult vapers have sought a replacement ever since. The wait is over. The Glacial Mint Egge Disposable Vape by 7 Daze is the best Juul Mint alternative. And each disposable holds ten-fold more e-liquid than the prefilled Juul pod. The mint and menthol flavor profiles are familiar to most fans of salt nic juices. It is the foundation of the best selling flavors for a reason. This sweet yet extremely frigid menthol mint flavor delivers as expected. 


Grapple Aloe Egge Disposable Vape

Aloe is a another cooling option for fans fruit vapes who like the sweetness to smoothed over. The Grapple Aloe flavor in the Egge Disposable is also loaded with the juicy apple flavors which Red’s Apple is famous for. Concord grape flavors are a surprising star as well. Not overwhelming and adding great complexity, Grapple Aloe is superb flavor and one that most adult vapers will love. 


Island Colada Egge Disposable Vape

What is the difference between Pina Colada flavor and the Island Colada Egge Disposable? The addition of peach to a pineapple and coconut blend. The peach is a delightful addition and brings excellent fruity notes to an already solid beverage vape flavor. 


Mangoberry Egge Disposable Vape

Much like Glacial Mint is fine Juul Mint alternative and Mixed Berry Fusion is perfect for fans of the Mixed Berry Vuse Alto, the Mangoberry Egge Disposable Vape is a great Juul Mango alternative. The loss of these flavors upset many adult vapers. Mangoberry is a more than worthy replacement. It is actually a superior flavor, with a strong tropical mango base that is not too sweet and the added delight of strawberry flavor. Red's Apple did great work here, getting a mango nic salt to stand out in a world full of mango nic salts. 


OG Reds Iced Egge Disposable Vape

This is the signature nic salt flavor of Red’s Apple E-Liquid. Juicy and balanced, it is hard not to love this red apple and menthol ice vape juice. All the apple elements are perfectly executed. The addition of menthol ice balances out the sweetness.


OG Reds Watermelon Iced Egge Disposable Vape

OG Reds Watermelon Iced Egge Disposable by 7 Daze might be the best Lush Ice disposable. Sticklers may point out it is not technically a lush ice and not even referred to as a lush ice. But imagine a lush ice where the raspberry tartness is replaced with subtle and juicy hints of apple. The watermelon is perfect, neither cloying nor perfumed. A perfect menthol ice and fruit nic salt, OG Reds Watermelon is perfectly matched with this tight pulling, draw activated disposable vape. 


Sour Bites Egge Disposable Vape

A sour tropical fruit mix, the Sour Bites Egge Disposable Vape by 7 Daze packs a rainbow of confectionary flavors that skitter across your tongue. An all-day vape, it has the intense flavor but is balanced. The sour notes offset the bright and sweet fruit flavors.


Strapple Iced Egge Disposable Vape

The Strapple Iced Egge Disposable Vape by 7 Daze is a strawberry and apple nic salt flavor. Two familiar flavors that work great on their own, the combination known as Strapple is even better than the sum of its parts. 


Tropical Passion Egge Disposable Vape

The Tropical Passion Egge Disposable Vape features kiwi, passionfruit, guava, and orange flavors. Guava is a top-tier tropical nic salt flavor. Kiwi is complex and provides a nice burst of sweetness. Don't sleep on passionfruit. This is a great fruit inspiration for a nic salt. The sweet orange tastes very authentic. Some orange nic salts seem to channel powdered juice mix. Not this one. It has a citrus bite and a refreshing flavor. 


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