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Mad Vapes Sitewide Black Friday Sale

by Robert Taney on November 26, 2021

Mad Vapes sitewide sale features 25% off. Enter promo code BLACKFRIDAY21

Black Friday Site Wide Vape Sale

Black Friday is here at Mad Vapes. For one day only, e-liquid, vaping products, vape mods, and vape pods are all discounted 25 percent. Just enter the promo code BLACKFRIDAY21 to enjoy this huge sitewide Black Friday promotion.


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For most adults, vaping is a daily habit. Perhaps seasonal stress or travel changes your vaping needs, but generally vaping deals are simply a great time to stock up. E-Juice savings are available sitewide with a coupon code and you can get ready for the New Year early.

You don’t have to wait until Cyber Monday to take advantage of discounted e-liquids and free shipping on qualifying orders. As long as you are shopping for loved ones Black Friday, you might as well cash in on our Black Friday vape deals. Just don’t forget the coupon code: BLACKFRIDAY21.

We don’t need to explain why e-liquid is integral to your vaping experience. The freshest, primed coil and most cutting edge vaping device will avail you nothing with the e-liquids to fuel your favorite device. This is especially important for max-VG juice customers. There are no equivalents available at gas stations, unlike salt nic juices where you can find a tobacco flavored vape pod of similar nicotine strength at most gas stations.

Moreover, the typical vape mod burns more total e-liquid than a vape pod fueled by salt nic juices. You don’t want to run out of your favorite flavors, why not stock up this Black Friday?

Salt Nic Juices

Salt Nic Juice Ad
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Black Friday is a perfect time to stock up on your favorite salt nic juices. Bottled nicotine salts are 25 percent off. Bottled nic salts already provide big savings compared to prefilled pods. And if you live in a state without restrictions, bottled nic salts are also available in the flavors that most adult vapers prefer.

If you currently use a Juul, Vuse Alto or MyBlu Prefilled Vape Pod Kit, now is the time to switch to a vape pod kit and bottled nic salts. The flavors are better, the performance is better and it costs a fraction as much. Big Black Friday Vape Deals are just a cherry on top.

Disposable Vapes

Disposable Vape Ad
Disposable Vapes at Mad Vapes

Most adult vapers are just looking for good flavor, satisfying performance and an easy to use device. This is why prefilled pods dominated the market until the federal government took away all the flavors adults prefer and left only tobacco. This is also why disposable vapes are the hottest item in vaping.

Loaded with nic salts and still available in the characterizing flavors the vast majority of adult vapers prefer, there is no better item to stock up on than disposables. While there are bigger savings to be had if you go with a bottled salt nic juice and refillable device, disposable vapes are still a good price performer compared to prefilled pods. And they have the advantage of requiring no filling, charging, and there is no button to press anywhere in sight. You can sample new flavors or stock up on time tested favorites. Either way, Black Friday is the best time to stock up Mad Vapes extensive line-up of disposable vapes.

Vape Mods

Vape Mods
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Black Friday is a perfect time to upgrade to a new vape mod. This is exactly the style of flashy and tangible item that Black Friday is all about. And mores than e-juices or disposables, a vape mod might just make a great gift for the vaper in your life. There are some amazing new mods on the market. The Aegis L200 is dust, water and shock resistant. The Voopoo Drag S and Drag S Pro feature Pod Tanks that can either be affixed to a classic mod via 510 threading or magnetically attached to a Voopoo branded pod. Black Friday is the perfect day to make the jump to new gear. Don’t just shop for others. Treat yourself this Black Friday! With all that’s happening in the world of vaping, and the world writ large, you deserve it!

Vape Pods

Vape pods have come a long ways in the last six years. They are no longer just flimsy prefilled devices holding less than 1ml of e-liquid and with batteries less than 300mAh. Today, vape pods run the gamut of sizes and many boast the same functionalities as the mightiest vape mod. In fact, the main distinction between a vape mod and vape pod at this point is that a mod has standardized 510 threading and a pod only attaches to a specific device. The Voopoo Drag S and Drag X lay that reality bare with their new pod tanks.

Whatever style of e-liquid you prefer, there is a vape mod perfect for your needs. A nic salt vaper who loves disposables will feel at home with the Vaporesso XROS Mini. A fan of max-VG juices looking for something smaller than a mod that runs on a pair of 18650 batteries will love a Smok Nord 4, Smok RPM 4, Vaporesso Nano or one of the mighty Voopoo Mod Pods.

If you already have a favorite device and don’t want to complicate your life with an upgrade in gear, consider buying a back-up of your favorite device and do NOT forget to stock up on refillable vape pods or coils if you are using an AIO device.

Vape Coils

Like e-juice, you need a stream of fresh coils to keep your favorite vape mod or vape pod functioning. Mad Vapes Black Friday Sale is a great time to stock-up and hunker down for a long winter. Just don’t forget to enter the promo code: BLACKFRIDAY21 at checkout!


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