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ROCKT Punch Relaunch

by Robert Taney on December 09, 2021

ROCKT Punch E-Liquids are all set for relaunch. With five improved max-VG juices, enjoy a bottle today. Using Tobacco-Free Nicotine, the flavors of ROCKT Punch have never been better.

ROCKT Punch Relaunch

The great flavors of ROCKT Punch are returning to Mad Vapes. Featuring classic vaping flavors with a nostalgic twist, their line-up of max-VG juices now use Tobacco-Free Nicotine. Tobacco-Free Nicotine has a more neutral flavor than tobacco-derived nicotine, which further enhances their bold flavors.

ROCKT Punch is a product of Okami Brands LLC. Okami has a diverse corporate structure. They are also a boutique graphic design agency and lifestyle company. There are four e-liquid brands under the Okami corporate umbrella. These are ROCKT Punch, Okami Salt, Okami Legacy and Bubble Gang. Several of their more popular flavors are available as both Okami Salts and as freebase e-liquid.

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ROCKT Punch Max-VG Juices

The relaunched ROCKT Punch vape juices are sold in 60ml available in 0, 3 and 6mg nicotine strength. The VG/PG ratio is 70/30. ROCKT Punch uses freebase nicotine, made from Tobacco-Free Nicotine, rather than nicotine salts. All told, these flavors are perfect fuel for a vape mod.

The relaunch of ROCKT Punch includes the following five flavors:

  • Blu-RZA Thunderbomb ROCKT Punch
  • Grape Ape ROCKT PUNCH
  • O.G. Bubba ROCKT PUNCH
  • Rainbow Riot ROCKT PUNCH
  • Ultra Magnetic Fruit Crunch ROCKT Punch

If you want to enjoy these flavors as a nic salt, O.G. Bubba and Rainbow Riot are both available as an Okami Salt.


ROCKT Punch Flavors

The flavors found in ROCKT Punch e-liquid are inspired by fruit, and beverages. As the majority of adult vapers prefer this style of flavor profile, as demonstrated in Dr Farsalino’s comprehensive study on adult vaping preferences, the chances are high that they will have a flavor for you.

Max-VG juices like ROCKT Punch can also be enjoyed in many refillable vape pod kits. Improvements in coil technology and higher output means allows these smaller devices to extract a ton of flavor and vapor from every puff.

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The unifying theme of ROCKT Punch E-Liquid flavors is nostalgia. Most Baby Boomer, Gen X and Millennial vapers will recall the flavors that inspired ROCKT Punch as being prevalent some 30 to 40 years ago. Now it is time to take a trip down memory lane and explore the flavors of ROCKT Punch E-Liquid.


Blu-Rza Thunderbomb ROCKT Punch E-Liquid

ROCKT Punch Blu-Rza Thunderbomb is a blue raspberry ice flavored max-VG juice. It is packed with sweet and tart notes, which are balanced out by a cooling hint of mint on exhale.

Blue raspberry ice is a flavor usually associated with disposable vapes and salt nic juices. It is a fruit inspired flavor, but this inspiration is twice removed from actual raspberry. Instead, it is the blue raspberry icy treats from yesteryear that served as a template for this flavor.

You must look long and hard to find a disposable brand or salt nic juice manufacturer that doesn’t have a best-selling blue razz ice. But max-VG options versions are few and far between. This is a shame because blu razz ice is a flavor that works just as well with direct lung vaping and bigger cloud production.

If you only vape freebase juices, it is quite possible that your last experience with the blue raspberry flavor profile was a quarter or even a half century ago. You are missing out. Blu-Rza Thunderbomb ROCKT Punch e-liquid is an intricately crafted and delicious vape juice. There are enough authentic fruit flavors to cut through the confectionary grade sweetness and the addition of menthol ice adds a minty sparkle. This is an all-day vape and maybe the best blue razz max-VG juice.


Grape Ape ROCKT Punch E-Liquid

Grape Ape ROCKT Punch is a grape bubblegum flavored vape juice. Taking the name of a 1970s Hanna-Barbera cartoon, the flavor itself is a real throwback as well. Grape was a hugely popular bubble gum flavor innovation in the mid-1980s. These notes have aged well and work even better as a max-VG juice. Unlike gum, the flavor does not fade. Instead, it gathers intensity on inhale and is perfectly balanced on exhale.

The Concord grape roots of Grape Ape by ROCKT Punch are abundantly clear. The distinct nature of grape flavor is hard to describe but unmistakable. It has a snap to it that prevents this e-juice from being overly saccharine or cloying. Instead, you get a pure explosion of intense grape gum flavor that you will want to vape all day.


O.G. Bubba ROCKT Punch E-Liquid

O.G. Bubba ROCKT Punch E-Liquid is a watermelon bubble gum flavor. Watermelon bubble gum was no small deal in the late 80s. This same flavor profile is also perfectly suited for a max-VG juice.

Watermelon, in its many forms and variations, is one of the best vape juice flavors ever. There are Lush Ice disposables, watermelon ice nic salts, max-VG watermelon fruit mixes and even the old PG juices usually boasted a strong watermelon entry. O.G. Bubba continues this strong tradition. It is not plagued with perfumed or floral notes, which is a trap some watermelon vape juices fall into.

O.G. Bubba ROCKT Punch is sweet and bold, but also has a light touch. The vapor possesses the airy flavor notes that make for a great watermelon vape juice.



Rainbow Riot ROCKT Punch E-Liquid

Rainbow Riot ROCKT Punch packs the flavors of rainbow sherbet into a max-VG juice. Orange, lime, raspberry, menthol ice and pineapple notes permeate each drag. The flavor is not too sweet because the citrus twist plays nicely off the realistic tasting fruit flavors.


The smoothness of this flavor is very much akin to actual rainbow sherbet. It is densely packed with flavors. The sour notes and brightness cut straight through the sweetness. The cooling properties of the mild iced notes add even more balance. While enjoying this vape, consider for a moment a time when sherbet passed for a health food when compared to ice cream. This time was the fat fearing 1980s. The fantastic flavors of rainbow sherbet make for a perfect all-day vape.


Ultra Magnetic Fruit Crunch ROCKT Punch E-Liquid

What is more 1980s than a breakfast cereal laden with artificial colors and flavors being foisted on the unwitting public as a balanced breakfast? Maybe the Kudos Bar being passed off as a healthy snack? Legacy sugary cereals remain on store shelves, even though their popularity peaked when Ronald Reagan was still in office. One of the most popular of these cereals featured loop shapes and a surprisingly articulate tropical bird.

Ultra Magnetic Fruit Crunch by ROCKT Punch was by this mixed fruit cereal. This max-VG juice blends tasty fruit and berry flavors with creamy milk. There is even an indescribable crunchiness that will take you to where you need to be.


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