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Top Ten Longer Lasting Disposable Vapes

by Robert Taney on February 18, 2022

Disposable Vapes

The performance of disposable vapes has improved significantly since they first hit the market.  In the process, their appearance and even the style of e-liquid they use has also been updated.

The core purpose and basic functionality of the disposable vape pen has not changed. Disposable vapes are draw activated and do not have a fire button. They are a closed or prefilled electronic nicotine delivery system (ENDS). They arrive in the box precharged. That is pretty much the long and short of it. You open the box, remove some stoppers and inhale.

Disposable vapes have always focused on discrete performance, flavor and ease of use. They do not generate much vapor but instead focus on flavor. This combination of attributes is exactly what many adult vapers seek.


Longest Lasting Disposable Vapes

In 2022, autodraw disposable vapes are the easiest way to enjoy MTL vaping and flavored nic salt e-liquids. Disposable vapes are no longer flimsy throwaway devices of questionable reliability and performance. Longer lasting disposable vapes can credibly compete with refillable vape pod kits and bottled nic salts.

You can still save money refilling your own device, but the longer lasting disposable vapes cut into this advantage. They are far better price performers than the prefilled vape pods sold at gas stations and convenience stores.


All-In-One Disposable Vapes

There are two basic designs that most longer lasting disposable vapes fall into. The first wave of longer lasting disposable vapes adopted a cylindrical form factor that could basically be cut to the desired length. Think a sausage at the grocery store being cut to the desired length and you have a good idea of how these longer lasting disposables first appeared. Each future version was simply wider and longer, but still the same shape.

The boxy stick bar disposables that vaguely resembled a Juul have been almost totally replaced by cylinder designs of various sizes. The cylinder is a perfect shape for a disposable vape and is inexpensive machine at any desired length. These were true all-in-one disposables that could last multiple days and have batteries well over 1000mAh. Extra e-liquid does not do you much good if the battery has given up the ghost. 

Rechargeable Disposable Vapes

The most recent innovation in the world of disposable vapes is the use of rechargeable lithium ion batteries. This innovation shrinks the overall footprint of the disposable and allows for massive e-liquid capacity is a relatively compact device. Of course, the battery in these is nowhere near large enough to make it through the e-liquid contained within unless you charge it. 


Best Longer Lasting Disposable Vapes

There is always a lot of overlap in terms of technology and flavors in the disposable vape market. There are surely similar devices that could just as easily make it onto this list. Here is a tale of the tape for the best longer lasting disposables. 



All In One Disposable Vapes


Those are the basics. Let us take a deep-dive into the individual brands. 


 7 Daze Egge Tobacco-Free Nicotine Disposable Vape

Egge Disposable

The Egge is a perfect example of how the use of a rechargeable battery can shrink a long lasting disposable vape down to a more manageable size. The puff count is estimated by the manufacturer as 3000. The 400mAh battery is good a day of vaping. This is a longer lasting disposable that fits comfortably in the palm of your hand.

The type-C USB charging allows for quick recharging. The nicotine strength is the standard 5 percent. The e-liquid capacity of 7ml makes the Egge a great price performer. Red’s Apple has formulated a dozen amazing nic salt flavor options that make sure the flavor matches the performance of this longer lasting disposable vape.


Air Factory Air Stix

 Air Factory Air Stix

The Air Factory Air Stix has a totally different form factor than the 7 Daze Egge Disposable Vape but the basic premise is the same. It is a longer lasting disposable that relies on a USB charging port to reduce the battery size and increase convenience.

The Air Stix has a more cylindrical form factor than the Egge by 7 Daze and a nice narrow mouthpiece. The tank is partially transparent. This is very important because the volume of e-liquid held in this disposable is substantial.

Naturally, the Air Factory flavors are top notch. The use of non-tobacco nicotine and smooth nic salts makes this a very satisfying performer. The nicotine strength is 5 percent (50mg). The 7ml e-liquid capacity is outstanding. The 400mAh battery is designed for a day of vaping. The puff count is estimated at 2500.


Hyde Retro Recharge

Hyde is one of the hottest disposable vape makers. The Hyde Retro Recharge is a sharp looking disposable with a nicely shaped mouthpiece and a tight draw activation. It is surprisingly compact and has a big nic salt capacity.

With an estimated 4000 puffs, it is in it for the long haul. The 400mAh battery should still get you through a day of vaping before it requires being topped off. The slightly transparent e-liquid chamber allows you to track how much vape juice you have left. The massive 10ml e-liquid capacity fully one-third the size of an entire bottle of nic salts.


Pod Juice Synthetic Mesh 5500 Disposable Vape

 Pod Juice Mesh 5500

The Pod Mesh 5500 Synthetic Mesh uses a 600mAh battery and generates an outstand 5500 puffs according the manufacturer. A rechargeable disposable with adjustable airflow, this is a draw activated MTL device that matches the performance of many refillable vape pod kits and is more than a match for the prefilled pod kits sold at your local gas station.

The salt nic juice has a nicotine strength of 55mg, which is a bit stiffer than the typical disposable vape. The e-liquid capacity is a ludicrous 12ml. Satisfaction is further enhanced by a sophisticated mesh coil that extracts a ton of flavor from every puff and delivers good performance throughout all 12ml of e-liquid.

The flavors are all on point too. Which is crucial since you are getting nearly half a salt-nic bottle worth of juice in every disposable. The use of innovative charging allows the use of a smaller battery and keeps the Pod Juice Synthetic Mesh 5500 relatively compact. The semi-transparent tank allows you to track how much e-liquid remains in this long lasting disposable. 


Pod Juice Synthetic Mesh 3500 Disposable Vape

Pod Juice Mesh 3500 ad

The 9ml Pod Juice Synthetic Mesh Disposable would be one of the longest lasting disposable vapes ever if not for its even larger 5500 puff sibling. The manufacturer estimated puff count of 3500 is still near the top of the class. The 5.5 percent nicotine strength salt nic juice is smoothly vaporized with an impressive mesh coil.

Like its larger sibling, there are great salt nic flavors and an adjustable airflow ring.   9ml is a fair amount of e-liquid but the Pod Juice Synthetic Mesh 3500 is not oversized due to the use of a rechargeable 600mAh battery. A semi-transparent e-liquid tank make give this disposable the same features as the best refillable vape pod kits.


Aqua Bar Disposable Vape 2800

Aqua Bar 2800

The Aqua Bar relies on a big 1300mAh battery for power and does not require recharging. This is an all-in-one disposable. It may be a bit longer than the disposable vapes which have rechargeable batteries but this is truly a "fire and forget" model. No need to keep a charger cord on hand. You do not need to worry about recharging. Simply open the packaging and vape.

The Aqua Synthetic salt nic juices are delightful and have a nicotine strength of 50mg. A smooth and classic draw activated disposable, the longer lasting Aqua Bar makes a strong argument for the cylindrical disposable vape loaded with a big battery and a ton of great nic salt juice. The nicely shaped mouthpiece and slender form factor are two other strengths of the Aqua Bar design. 


Vaptio Beco Max Disposable Vape

Vaptio Beco Max

The Vapetio Beco Mesh uses a different approach than the Egge by 7 Daze. It is a robust and longer lasting disposable. Some heft is required to fit 9ml of nic salts and 1400mAh battery. But it does not feel like you are lugging around a flashlight. It remains narrow enough to be easily toted, pocketed and handled.

The Vaptio Beco Max is a true all-in-one disposable with a longer lasting lithium-ion battery. A mesh 1.4ohm coil has outstanding flavor and vapor production. 


 Vaptio Beco Mesh Disposable Vape

vaptio beco mesh

]The Vaptio Beco Mesh is an ideal size if you want a longer lasting disposable that is still small enough to allow you to sample flavors. The Vaptio Beco Mesh holds 5.5ml of delicious Vaptio salt nic juice. The 1000mAh battery provides plenty of power and the 1.2ohm mesh coil provides surprising vapor production for a disposable vape. 

5.5ml might be the ideal size for a longer lasting disposable vape. You don't have to worry about running out in a day or two but can switch between different flavors at relatively short intervals. No charging is required for this excellent disposable vape. 


I Love Salts Disposable Vape Pen



The delicious flavors of Mad Hatter’s I Love Salts are now available in a longer lasting disposable vape pen. The e-liquid capacity is a solid 5.5ml and the nicotine strength is 50mg.

The best I Love Salts flavors are all here. The puff count is estimated at 2200. The battery has enough power to work its way through to the last drop. Sophisticated and smooth, the I Love Salts Disposable Vape Pen may not be the largest disposable vape reviewed today but it is one of the best. The mesh coil and vapor production is outstanding. The quality of the flavors is enhanced further with the use of non-tobacco nicotine, which allows for bolder flavor.


SWFT Pro Disposable Vape

  SWFT Pro

The SWFT Pro Disposable holds 6ml of 50mg strength salt nic juice. It is powered by a 1100mAh battery and is available in a selection of superb flavors. The manufacturer estimates that the sleek SWFT Pro is good for up to 2000 puffs. The flavors are well executed and the selection is excellent. 


Disposable Vape Improvements

As you can see from our review of longer lasting disposable vapes, there have been some huge improvements since the early days of vaping.

Disposable vapes have improved in three primary areas since the first hit the market: flavor, satisfaction and puff count.


Disposable Vape Flavors

Cigalike disposables were around in the early days of vaping. Unfortunately, they were usually not available in the flavors that adults prefer. Instead, they were usually available in just tobacco flavors.

Studies have shown that adult vapers overwhelmingly prefer sweet fruit and beverage inspired flavors. The FDA refers to these as characterizing flavors and their importance to adult vapers is often overlooked. The longer a person vapes, the more likely they are to switch from tobacco to a characterizing flavor.


Disposable Vape Nicotine Strengths

Another drawback of early disposables was that salt nic juices were not available. Freebase nicotine is fine for lower nicotine formulas. It has a higher pH level and gets harsher at high strengths. It is technically possible to make a freebase e-liquid just as strong as a nic salt but it will be too harsh for a human to tolerate. For instance, the first Blu had a nicotine strength of 4.8 percent. This is basically the same as a modern disposable.

But freebase nicotine is harsher at higher nicotine strengths. This made it necessary to limit vapor production in early disposables cigalikes. Companies tried to make this harshness into feature, claiming authentic throat hits and chest burn were actually preferable.

The market clearly did not agree. Smooth fruit flavored nic salt flavors elevated the quality of the disposable vaping experience and made them the industry force they are today. A federal ban that limited rival prefilled vape pod products to tobacco flavors certainly didn’t hurt either.

Disposable vapes today use salt nic juice and generally have a nicotine strength of 50mg.


Puff Count

There is no more controversial number when it comes to disposable vapes than puff count. The methodology for puffs varies between manufacturers. The best rule of thumb is to look at the amount of e-liquid the disposable can hold and the battery size. There is no question that puff counts have increased dramatically. Cigalikes rarely held more than 1ml of e-liquid. The Puff Bar, Cali Bar and similar stick bar disposables usually hold 1.3ml. The disposable vape pod designs like the Stig or Myle Mini held 1ml or so. The early cylindrical disposable vapes like the Posh Plus and Puff Bar Plus held 2 to 4ml. Then the arms race began in earnest.


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