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Top Salt Nic Brands: One Hit Wonder versus I Love Salts

by Robert Taney on February 04, 2022

Top Nic Salt Brands: One Hit Wonder Salts versus I Love Salts 

Salt nic juices have allowed vape devices like refillable vape pod kits to provide satisfying performance.

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Nicotine salts are extremely popular with adult vapers. Combined with an easy to use refillable vape pod kit, they deliver exactly what most adult vapers are looking for: convenience, flavor, and satisfaction.


Switch to Refillable Vapes and Save

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Refillable vape pod kits are extremely easy to use. If you want to see how much you can save, check out our feature: Refillable Vape Pods Save Money. Salt nic juices are the most popular e-liquid for these easy-to-use devices. If you live in an area with a flavor ban they are still available in the flavors adult vapers prefer.

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Nic Salt Flavors

The primary alternative to a bottle of nic salt is high-VG e-juice. They are vaped in box mods and higher wattage devices. Fans of both prefer sweet flavors. Yet there are some major differences when it comes to the most popular flavors for each style of vaping. The differences are because high-VG juices have much lower nicotine strengths in general and make up for this fact with huge vapor cloud production. This is direct to lung (DTL) vaping. Nic salts are generally potent and can be vaped discretely.

The popularity of sweeter flavor profiles for both styles of vaping is a fact. But the most popular high-VG juices feature custard, dessert, and pastry flavors. The most popular nic salts feature more pared down flavor profiles and often feature menthol ice.


One Hit Wonder versus I Love Salts

I Love Salts by Mad Hatter has made an art of nic salt formulation. Their products compete with prefilled vape pods and disposable vapes. They deliver superior flavor for a fraction of the price of a disposable vape or prefilled vape pod. All the greatest fruit, beverage, tropical mint, menthol, and fruit-ice blends are here. 

But simple and cooling flavors are not the only option when vaping nic salts. One Hit Wonder has adapted their popular high-VG vape juices into nic salts. With unique combinations of flavors not typically found in salt nic juices, their stacked lineup is loaded with some of the hottest flavors in vaping.


I Love Salts by Mad Hatter Flavors


One Hit Wonder Salts Flavors

One Hit Wonder E-Liquids


Hottest Salt Nic Flavors of 2022

Adult preferences for fruit flavors mixed with the cooling influence of menthol ice remains the gold standard for salt nic juices. Fruits are also popular. Standalone mint and menthol flavors are always best sellers.  

Here are some of the hottest nic salt flavors of 2022. As you may have noticed when reviewing their flavor line-ups, One Hit Wonder and I Love Salts took totally different approaches to formulating nic salts. Here is a run-down of some select flavors. 


I Love Salts by Mad Hatter

I Love Salts by Mad Hatter are perfectly balanced flavors. There are no elaborate desserts. But their flavors are all formulated for all-day vaping. They are clean, crisp, sweet, and cool flavor profiles. Sold in 30ml bottles, I Love Salts uses a 50/50 VG/PG formula. The available nicotine strengths are 25 and 50mg.


Spearmint Gum I Love Salts

Previous known as Spearmint Gum, Spearmint I Love Salts is bursting with minty flavor but unlike gum the flavor doesn’t fall off a cliff after 30 seconds. The initial burst is palate cleansing. It just might be the best Juul Mint alternative for fans of that discontinued flavor. If you are looking for the best Juul Mango alternative, do not miss Tropic Mango I Love Salts. These are not derivative flavors. These are the best flavors and the ones adult vapers prefer.  

Classic Menthol I Love Salts 

Classic Menthol I Love Salts is less sweet than Spearmint but still refreshing. They are not interchangeable flavors, but both are excellent. This is a seriously balanced flavor formulated for vaping all day.

Strawberry Ice I Love Salts

Strawberry Ice I Love Salts is a bit less sweet and riper than Blue Raspberry Ice. It lacks the confectionary flavors of blue razz and has more authentic fruit notes. No list of popular nic salt flavors is complete without a fruit and menthol ice blend. Strawberry Ice I Love Salts just happens to be one of the best. But there are other heavy hitters in their lineup.  

Blue Raspberry I Love Salts

Blu Razz is more than just a basic raspberry flavor. It has a hard shell of sugar that makes it a very nostalgic flavor for adult vapers. While some are overly cloying, I Love Salts has done a great job with both their Blue Raspberry and Blue Raspberry Ice Nic Salts. It is a classic and sweet vaping flavor that can stand on its own. I you seek the best blue razz nic salt, I Love Salts Blue Raspberry might be what you are looking for. If Blue Razz Ice is more your speed, they have that supremely balanced and sweet nic salt as well.

Sweet Tobacco by I Love Salts

Maybe you just prefer tobacco nic salts. Perhaps you are looking to save money compared to a prefilled pod. Many Americans live in areas with flavor bans. Sweet Tobacco I Love Salts should be your go-to salt nic juice.

This flavor goes head-to-head with the convenience store salt nic juice heavy weights and wins easily. Vape pods are so easy to use in 2022 that there is no reason not to make the switch to a refillable vape. Buying a prefilled vape pod is like burning money when you can get a bottle of salt nic juice for a fraction of the cost. It takes 43 Juul pods to equal one bottle of Sweet Tobacco I Love Salts.

Sweet tobacco has a smooth, flue-cured flavor and is rich with authentic flavor notes. You will find plenty of sweetness and earthiness. The flavor is realistic enough to appeal to aficionados. The savings are huge compared to a prefilled vape pod.



One Hit Wonder Salts

Muffin Man by One Hit Wonder E-Liquid exploded on the vape scene as an amazing apple cinnamon muffin flavor. With an 80/20 VG/PG ratio, it was meant for cloud chasing. Even later versions with TruNic, a low nicotine version of nic salts, was only meant for those who like lower nic strengths and plenty of vapor production. In other words, this flavor started as a juice that was exactly the opposite of Mad Hatter’s I Love Salts line.

But the One Hit Wonder flavor profiles simply work. They have been adapted into a potent salt nic juice lineup. Gone is the 80/20 VG/PG blend and 3/6mg nic strengths. Instead, One Hit Wonder uses a bold 60/40 VG/PG ration that provides better vapor production than most nic salts. The nicotine strength options for One Hit Wonder I Love Salts are 25 and 50mg.

The “Man” series of salt nic juices have a lot of unique flavors in each puff. They are not your typical salt nic flavors. But they are some of the hottest nic salts of 2022.  


Muffin Man One Hit Wonder Salts

Muffin Man One Hit Wonder Salts is a blend of apple, cinnamon, and muffin flavors.  The warm and refreshing flavor has authentic fruit notes. Muffin Man may have started as a high-VG juice, but it is one of the hottest nic salt flavors of 2022. The warming and balanced flavors are quite different the typical sweet and cool salt nic juices.

The Man One Hit Wonder Salts

The Man by One Hit Wonder Salts is another unique salt nic juice. It is the classic high-VG flavor profile of strawberry and cream. But a max-VG custard juice this is not. The fruit notes are brilliant, and the smooth cream adds tremendous depth. With a 60/40 VG/PG ratio, expect slightly better vapor production. This works well with the smooth cream notes. The brightness and the sweetness are drawn out in the richness of the vapor.

Island Man Iced One Hit Wonder Salts

Island Man Iced by One Hit Wonder Salts is the closest thing they have to a typical nic salt flavor. Yet it has a unique spin, as creamy coconut augments the mixed berry base. The bold berry notes merge with menthol ice to create a classic and widely loved flavor profile. Minty ice and fruit beverage vapes simply work. Adult vapers will appreciate this nic salt classic.

Magic Man One Hit Wonder Salts

There is a second flavor in the One Hit Wonder Salts lineup that hews closely to the typical salt nic juice flavor profile. Magic Man One Hit Wonder is a sweet watermelon flavor with hints of tart and confectioners’ sugar. Inspired by gummy and chewy watermelon belts, this is a sweet and tangy salt nic that can be enjoyed all day. 

Fireman One Hit Wonder Salts 

Fireman One Hit Wonder Salts is a classic pink lemonade flavor. This flavor is one of the best disposable vapes alternatives. A great beverage vape, pink lemonade is a perfect flavor for a smooth salt nic juice. The tart, sour and sugary sweet notes are all here. Fireman tastes just like pink lemonade. This is a good thing when it comes to salt nic juices.





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