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What Is a POD System, And Could It Be The Best Vape Product For You?

by Madvapes Blog on January 27, 2020

We go into the ins and outs of POD systems for vaping, including the pros and cons to the products, their sizes, their costs, and the brands offered.

In the world of vaping and e-cigarettes, there’s a multitude of options available to those who indulge. From the classic, cigarette-like disposable models to the modifiable rigs that allow you to personalize your mod in all different kinds of ways. One of the more recent and popular styles of mods have been the POD systems. They fall somewhere in between the two extremes, and while many people have chosen to go with the POD systems, a large percentage of the vaping population isn’t quite aware of what these are and how they work. You may have heard of some of the brands through marketing or word of mouth, but we wanted to give you a breakdown of what they are, how they work, and what the pros and cons of the POD systems are so you can determine if they’re right for you.

What Exactly is a POD System?

The easiest way to explain what an ultra-portable POD System would be to find the middle ground between the classic e-cigarette and the adjustable Mods that you see experienced vapers use. While they aren’t refillable like the advanced mods, per se, they’re also not disposable like the classic e-cig. Instead, the PODs use cartridges that are replaceable and come equipped with everything but the battery. The battery is rechargeable and the cartridges come equipped with the coil, wick, and the e-juice to give the user an easy, compact mod to vape with.

The Pros

The first thing that stands out for these POD systems is the ease in which the user has with them. While they’re not quite as simple as the classic e-cig, the ultra-portable devices are an easy plug and play mods that are much more powerful than the disposable e-cigs with less work and options than the more advanced, refillable mods. When one cartridge is empty, you simply replace with a new one and throw the empty out.
For those that are looking for a stronger dose of nicotine, the POD systems can provide that. Due to their use of nicotine salts, the ultra-portable devices use this method to deliver a higher concentration of nicotine to the user without sacrificing any of the flavor or smoothness, as was an issue in the past. This allows both the beginner and the veteran vaper the same pleasurable experience if they prefer higher nicotine levels.
One of the bigger issues with the advanced, refillable mods is the threat of the e-liquid leaking. Any loosening of the cap on those models could spell disaster in a pocket, purse, or bag, but the POD systems alleviate that threat with their leak-proof cartridges. For those who are vaping on the go, this is a major weight and threat lifted off of their shoulders.

The Cons

While the battery life may be higher than smaller, similar products, the fact remains that they’re nothing compared to the more advanced vaping mods. Those box mods are always going to take the cake in a battle of battery longevity, but what you lose in staying power, you gain in portability.
While the interchangeable, leak-proof cartridges are certainly a plus with the POD systems, they aren’t quite as large as the box mod tanks. The POD systems range anywhere from under 1mL to upwards of 2mL whereas the box mods can go higher than 4mL in some cases.
Lastly, one of the biggest complaints about the POD systems is their lack of flavors. This will certainly be addressed in the future, but for now, your variety is going to be severely diminished if you choose to go this route. If you’re someone that needs a lot of different options, the refillable mods are definitely the way to go.
Truth is, the POD systems are a great intermediate option for those who are looking to vape. They’re a great step up from the classic e-cigs and offer much more portability than the more advanced mods. Take a look below at three different POD system options that we carry here at Mad Vapes!


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