WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
Ryse Bar Disposable, 1.3 ml, 50mg
Ryse Bar Disposable, 1.3 ml, 50mg
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Ryse Bar Disposable, 1.3 ml, 50mg

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A pocket fitting disposable device holding your potentially new favorite vape juice known as a brand named RYSE. This company is known to come at you with top-notch quality within its ingredients as well as the pull of the hit. Smooth mellow clouds soaking your tongue in luxurious fruits with every hit drawing in perfect airy notes that will have you hooked on the first hit.

What makes this line even better is that it has 16 delicious different flavors to choose from. You can get something new each time you place an order. And let’s not forget to mention the mentholated flavors. You got lip-smacking fruits that pack an icy surprise blending itself into any flavor of your choosing.

RYSE Disposable are dependable and guarantee ultimate satisfaction with every puff you take from this device. So if you’re curious I’d say go for it, neither of these flavors will disappoint you in no way, shape, or form.


A savory beverage now made into a vape juice for you to enjoy twenty-four seven without going flavor blind no matter how many times you hit it. Each hit equals one sip of actual pineapple lemonade; they hit the nail on the head crafting this. On the inhale tangy citrus notes of pineapple will pile on your tongue as the bitter tones of lemon add on more flavor when you go to exhale: creating a whirlpool of eye-rolling pineapple lemonade.


Light saccharine floods of grape vapor drift against your tongue during the inhale. As you exhale a little of the flavor sticks to your taste buds giving you a delicious aftertaste to enjoy after the hit. This juice really hits the spot if you’re craving for a good grape ejuice flavor.



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