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SMOK - LP1 Replacement Coils - 0.8 ohm Meshed Single
SMOK - LP1 Replacement Coils - 0.8 ohm Meshed 5pk
SMOK - LP1 Replacement Coils - 0.8 ohm DC Single
SMOK - LP1 Replacement Coils - 0.8 ohm DC 5pk
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SMOK LP1 Replacement Coils

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SMOK LP1 Replacement Coils

As well-designed and long-lasting as the Smok Novo 4’s LP1 coils are, eventually their service life will end. Luckily, you can stock up with this 5-pack of LP1 replacement coils. There are three designs to choose from. Each provides great flavor and vapor. LP stands for leak-proof and Smok went the extra mile to design a vape pod kit with swappable coils and a leak-resistant design.

Each of the LP1 coils, used exclusively in the Smok Novo 4, have a triple silicone ring design to keep e-liquid from exiting through the base of the pod. This is extremely important for a small device which many adult vapers store in their pocket.

There are currently three LP1 coils to choose from. Each Smok Novo 4 vape pod kit comes standard with a pair of 0.8-ohm coils: the LP1 Meshed 0.8Ω Coil and the LP1 DC 0.8Ω MTL Coil. As a replacement coil, you can also try the higher resistance LP1 Meshed 1.2Ω coil design. The Smok Novo 4 vape pod kit also comes with the empty pod into which the replacement coils are inserted. If you like to vape more than one flavor in a day, it is not a bad idea to stock up on empty Smok Novo 4 replacement pods. These are sold in affordable 3-packs.

What is the difference between the LP1 coils? The LP1 Meshed 0.8ohm coil has more surface area and heats more quickly. This allows it to produce mad vapor and flavor at extremely low wattage. Rated from 12w, the LP1 0.8 Mesh really extends the 800mAh battery life of the Smok Novo 4 by working at such a low wattage. It is remarkable that this coil has such great performance and can work with all manner of e-liquids.

The LP1 DC 0.8ohm MTL Coil is quite similar but can work at higher wattage. It has an expansive flavor and robust vapor production for such a small device. The draw is nearly perfect but can be further modified with the Smok Novo 4’s adjustable air ring. Designed for 12 to 25w, it is hard to believe how good vape pod kits have gotten, and that they are now flexible to handle even max-VG juices.

With the Smok Novo 4 vape pod kit, you can test the 0.8ohm LP1 Mesh and 0.8 LP1 DC coils head-to-head and see which one you prefer. The performance is similar. The LP1 1.2ohm Coil is a more restrictive MTL coil that works great with potent salt nic juices. The emphasis is on flavor and the mesh coil ramps up quickly.

If you want to extract the full potential of your Smok Novo 4, you will want to have fresh coils on hand. While these are all very long-lasting designs, they do not last forever.

LP1 Replacement Coil Features

  • Sold in 5-Pack
  • Available Coil Designs: LP1 Meshed 0.8Ω, LP1 DC 0.8Ω, LP1 Meshed 1.2Ω
  • Empty pod required for installation
  • Compatible with 2ml Smok Novo 4 empty pod (sold separately)
  • Not compatible with Smok Novo, Smok Novo 2, Smok Novo 3, or Smok Novo X
  • Leak-Resistant Technology
  • Smart Detection Functionality
  • Advanced ferrochrome alloy for rapid ramp up speed.



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