WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
SWFT 3k Disposable Vape - Banana Ice
SWFT 3k Disposable Vape - Strawberry Wafter
SWFT 3k Disposable Vape - Strawberry ICe
SWFT 3k Disposable Vape - Strawberry Banana Ice
SWFT 3k Disposable Vape - Red Apple
SWFT 3k Disposable Vape - POG
SWFT 3k Disposable Vape - Peach Lemonade
SWFT 3k Disposable Vape - Lush ICe
SWFT 3k Disposable Vape - Lemon Tart
SWFT 3k Disposable Vape - Lemon Lush
SWFT 3k Disposable Vape - Lemon Head
SWFT 3k Disposable Vape - Cotton Candy
SWFT 3k Disposable Vape - Cool Mint
SWFT 3k Disposable Vape - Blue Razz Ice
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SWFT 3K Disposable Vape

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SWFT 3K Disposable Vape

The SWFT 3K Disposable Vape is loaded with 7.5ml of salt nic juice and has a nic strength of 50mg. The 1200mAh battery provides plenty of power to extract every flavorful puff. An advanced airflow design and ergonomic mouthpiece deliver great vapor production for a disposable. A one-time use device, the SWFT 3K is incredibly easy to use. It is a draw activated disposable with no fire button. No filling is required. When the juice and battery are drained, which can take a while with a manufacturer estimated 3000+ puffs, just responsibly dispose of your SWFT 3K.

What should be obvious to any experienced adult vaper is that 3000 puffs aren’t a huge selling point if the flavor and satisfaction aren’t there. SWFT delivers big time. If you want to try a new flavor before investing in a 7.5ml disposable vape, there are always the original SWFT Bar disposable vapes. These are more economical and hold 1.3ml of nic salt e-liquid. You can sample a new flavor before doubling down with the formidable and flavorful SWFT 3K.

SWFT 3K Disposable Vape Specifications:

  • Capacity: 7.5ml
  • Nicotine Strength: 50mg
  • Battery: 1200mAh
  • Puffs: Up to 3000

SWFT 3k Disposable Flavors:

Banana Ice SWFT 3K Disposable Vape

There are a whole bunch of reasons why banana flavors make a great base for a salt nic juice. The Banana Ice SWFT 3K Disposable Vape demonstrates all of these and has the added bonus of a cooling menthol ice finish. The one drawback suffered by some banana e-liquids is the taste can get a bit cloying and overwhelmingly artificial. Not a problem with SWFT 3K. It has just the right level of sweetness and creaminess. The banana notes you expect are there. But the cold minty finish cuts through the fruit flavors to make a great all-day vape and a very popular e-liquid flavor.

Blue Razz Ice SWFT 3K Disposable Vape

The Blue Razz Ice SWFT 3K Disposable Vape really sheds a spotlight on why blue raspberry and ice blends are so popular with adult salt nic juice vapers. The confectionary present but the sweetness level is kept in check by an ice exhale. The popping flavors of berry, tart and complex, are distinctive and tantalizing. An always popular for icy treats in the summer, blue razz is a flavor profile that was meant to be vaped.

Cool Mint SWFT 3K Disposable Vape

The Cool Mint SWFT 3K Disposable Vape is one of the best ways to enjoy what is probably the most popular salt nic juice flavor. It might be the best Juul Mint alternative ever released. It has over ten-fold the capacity of a Juul pod and the chilly mint is spot on. Cool Mint has a nice, sweet spearmint kick but the emphasis is on a cool throat hit. Mint nic salts are pretty much the quintessential all-day vaping flavor. Combined with a disposable vape that lasts much longer than a day, you are talking a lot of flavor and satisfaction in a smooth nic salt disposable.

Cotton Candy SWFT 3K Disposable Vape

Cotton candy is a nostalgic carnival classic. Sticky fingers and a cloying cotton candy flavor are shared memories of Baby Boomers, Gen Xers, and Millennials alike. When vaping the Cotton Candy SWFT 3K Disposable Vape you can almost feel the summer heat and envision the Big Top tent of a bygone era.

More than a few adult vapers may recall that the flavor of cotton candy worked better in concept than it did in practice. It turns out spun sugar might be a bit too sweet. The Cotton Candy SWFT 3K Disposable Vape recreates the best flavor elements of carny cotton candy but without being an overwhelming sugar bomb. Sweetness is still front and center but there is a tart strawberry foundation that cuts through the saccharine notes. The master formulators at SWFT worked hard to make Cotton Candy into an all-day vape, but they managed to pull it off.

Lemon Head SWFT 3K Disposable Vape

The Lemon Head SWFT 3K caps a sour lemon inhale with a blast of sugar. With greater sweetness and tartness than a typical lemonade salt nic juice, it is an intriguing flavor burst that adult vapers are sure to enjoy.

Lemon Lush SWFT 3K Disposable Vape

Sour lemon and watermelon are a perfect salt nic juice pairing. Expect to see more competition in this space but for now the Lemon Lush SWFT 3K Disposable stands above the competition. The key is the sourness of the lemon juxtaposed with the sweetness of the watermelon. It could be overwhelming if not executed to perfection. But it is executed to perfection in the SWFT 3K. A true all day vape for those with a sweet tooth.

Lemon Tart SWFT 3K Disposable Vape

There is nothing like a great dessert vape to break up the endless vaping of fruit and menthol salt nic juices. The Lemon Tart SWFT 3K provides just such a flavor. The crumbly crust flavor and lemon custard work in perfect unison to create an outstanding citrus dessert vape. There is a touch of butter and plenty of creaminess to cut through the sweetness. There are not many flavors like this in disposable vapes, but this is bound to change based on the quality of the Lemon Tart SWFT 3K.

Lush Ice SWFT 3K Disposable Vape

The Lush Ice SWFT 3K Disposable Vape is heavy on menthol ice and watermelon flavors. There is also a hint of raspberry to add some tartness. It is one of the best Lush Ice disposable vapes. The watermelon is ripe and airy, not overly sweet. The ice is also not too assertive and allows the fruit flavors to shine.

Peach Lemonade SWFT 3K Disposable Vape

The Peach Lemonade SWFT 3K Disposable Vape is a sweet and refreshing beverage vape that checks all the flavor boxes. You have distinct and fruity peach notes that are positively juicy. There is a blast of sugary lemonade with a healthy dose of tartness to round out the flavor. There is even a hint of coolness to help merge the flavors together. If peach lemonade sounds like a refreshing beverage to you, keep in mind it is also a great vaping flavor.

POG SWFT 3K Disposable Vape

The POG SWFT 3K Disposable Vape features the flavors of passionfruit, orange, and guava. A popular tropical beverage has served as inspiration for this fruity vape. The passionfruit is the MVP. The bold sweetness is cut with a lime level of tartness and an aromatic essence. It has the classic tropical kick that makes lychee, guava, and mango such popular salt nic juice flavors. The orange is sweet and adds a nice citrus kick. The orange does not get bogged down in artificial or powdered orange juice notes like some versions do. The guava is a natural pairing for the passionfruit. If you are a fan of tropical fruit, or beverage nic salts, do not miss out on this great flavor.

Red Apple SWFT 3K Disposable Vape

In the world of disposable vapes, sour green apple is a far more common flavor offering than ripe red apple. What a shame. The red delicious beauty of the Red Apple SWFT 3K Disposable Vape reveals the amazing flavors that a freshly picked apple can inspire. Juicy and flavorful, it is hard to imagine a flavor more suited to all-day vaping than this one. If you are not a fan of menthol ice in your fruit nic salts, check out the Red Apple SWFT 3K Disposable Vape.

Strawberry Banana Ice SWFT 3K Disposable Vape

Strawberry banana, nana berry, strawnana. There are several names for the natural merging of these two popular fruits. The Strawberry Banana Ice SWFT 3K Disposable Vape places an equal emphasis on both fruits. But strawberry manages to shine through, and this keeps any artificial banana notes in check. The banana adds excellent sweetness, creaminess, and just enough ripe banana flavor to keep the most discerning adult vaper engaged.

Strawberry Ice SWFT 3K Disposable Vape

Fresh strawberries and menthol ice is a classic salt nic juice flavor. There are plenty of choices if this is your favorite flavor, but you should add the Strawberry ice SWFT 3K Disposable Vape to your shortlist. The tart and fresh picked strawberry flavor infuses tons of sweet deliciousness into every inhale and exhale. A cool mint finish keeps things lively and balanced. This is a flavor that is meant to be vaped all day and it is available in a disposable that can last for 3000 puffs according to the manufacturer.

Strawberry Wafer SWFT 3K Disposable Vape

Rounding out a collection of several great strawberry vapes is the Strawberry Wafer SWFT 3K Disposable. It has the bold and sweet strawberry flavor adult vapers love. It manages to steer clear of artificial and “scratch n’ sniff” strawberry notes. Instead, it is a fresh picked flavor that leans towards sweet. Cutting through this sweetness is a delicate pastry flavor with hints of creaminess and ever butter. You can almost taste the crunch, if such a thing were possible with a nic salt.



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