WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
Vaporesso Zero Care Vape Kit
Vaporesso Zero Care Vape Kit

Vaporesso Zero Care Vape Kit

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Vaporesso Zero Care Vape Kit

ZERO was created to give you the perfect flavorful, simple, and low-cost alternative to smoking.
The refillable pod system, made from medical grade materials, gives you the ability to choose your flavors. Our patented Press-To-Fill mechanism makes refilling as simple as it gets! Just fill and go. The cutting edge OMNI Board Mini provides 3 power modes for you to choose from and multiple intelligent safety protections.

• PCTG MESH Pod (Care Version Only)
• 3 Power Modes
• 1A Quick Charge

Vaporesso Zero Care Kit

If you have been a smoker but are looking for a new way to enjoy the refreshing feeling in your mouth and lungs, there is an option. Vaping continues to be a popular alternative for longtime smokers and for new users alike. Vaporesso’s Zero Care Kit provides the taste and sensations you want, not to mention the right accessibility and flexibility. This easy-to-carry product has amazing flavors in a user-friendly device that is sure to put a smile on your face. And perhaps best of all: It won’t require the same financial commitment as cigarette smoking.

The Zero Care Kit uses the most top-of-line materials but does not require complicated processes to satisfy your needs. You will not have a tough time carrying the device in your pocket or bag. When it is time to enjoy inhaling your favorite flavors, just fill it up and vape. Make the switch from traditional smoking, or come over to the Zero Care Kit from other vaping products. You will be glad you made the switch and may never go back to anything else. The Zero Care Kit is an excellent choice for beginning vapers but will also be a favorite for those who have years of vaping experience.

Description of the Zero Care Kit

The Vaporesso Zero Care Kit has just about everything a vaper would want in a product and device. First off, in terms of looks and appearance, it catches your eye and has some aesthetic appeal. It is small, light, and easy to transport. Unlike many other counterparts, it comes in a wide range of colors. Want something simple and ordinary, like red, gray, black, blue, green, or yellow? No problem. Looking for a little more flair? The Zero Care Kit can give you that, as well. It also comes in black-green, black-red, rainbow, stormy, velvet, and fireball, among others.

This device has three different modes, catering to your preferences and desires for taste and feeling. It also features an OMNI BOARD MINI chipset, allowing for safety and for high-quality experiences. You can find options with a CCELL pod or a mesh pod, each giving you long-lasting use and flavorful vaping. Filling it up is a breeze, and it is fast to charge and get up to full capacity. If you have children at home, you can have peace of mind that young, curious minds and hands will not get into the device. Intelligent child-resistant protections will ensure this.

Size and Appearance

One of the many advantages of using Vaporesso products is that the vaping devices are small and easy to conceal. They will not weigh you down or feel bulky as you carry them from place to place. The Zero Care is no different. The design is simple yet effective, with its refillable pod and filling slot along with the micro-USB port and on/off button with a lighting indicator. The device is just 80.2 millimeters tall, 31 millimeters wide, and 13.5 millimeters deep. You will not even realize it is on you as you take it with you on your travels.

Some people may worry that its tiny size will make it prone to breaking or suffering damage. The good news is that despite its appearance, you should not have to stress out about it getting dinged up. It is durable enough to stand up to drops and getting stepped on, beaten up, and accidentally knocked around. So, in this case, small definitely does not mean flimsy. The device should hold up well to lots of use and plenty of wear and tear. It is also comfortable to hold and touch. Plus, it has a fingerprint-free coating on the device, so you should not see your prints showing up. It is known for staying clean and absent of dirt and oils.

Getting to Know the Pods

While some vaping devices have one choice when it comes to pods, the Zero Care Kit has two options. This offers benefits to different types of vapers and people with various tastes and needs. This product has a Zero CCELL pod and a Zero Mesh pod. The CCELL pod is 1.3 ohm, while the mesh pod is 1.0 ohm. Both pods have a 2-milliliter capacity.

Each of these pod choices has built-in coils with various options for resistance. People who feel the desire for a higher level of nicotine intake will love the CCELL pod, as this style allows for a larger intake. Plus, filling up the pods takes a matter of moments and should not frustrate you or be complicated. It has a press-to-fill system for refilling. This offers a few benefits. First, it makes it much more difficult for children to interfere with. Also, it minimizes the chances of you making a mess by spilling liquid during fill-ups. Spills and leaks should not be an issue with these pods. The filling is also on the bottom of the device.

Assessing the Battery

There are a few problems that some vaping devices have with their batteries. With some, the battery life is just way too short. A full charge does not seem to last nearly long enough. This can be frustrating when you are out and about and do not have the ability to charge the device for a while. Also, some devices take a long time to charge. While this will not be a problem overnight, if you want to charge the device during the day, you want something that will be at full capacity within an hour so you can start to enjoy vaping without a long wait.

The Zero Care offers you the best of both these worlds. First, it has a built-in 650 mAh battery. It also uses DC 5-volt/1A, micro-USB charging. Simply plug a USB cable into the device, which then connects to a plug into a typical outlet. You will love the fact that a fully charged battery should last you the entire day. Of course, this could vary depending on how often and long you vape, as well as the power levels you choose. Still, you can expect a lot of longevity on a single charge.

In just 45 minutes or less, the device should be a maximum capacity, ready for action and the delivery of the most flavorful tastes and sensations you could possibly want. And because the battery is built-in and uses USB connections, you will not have to worry about additional equipment or anything cumbersome taking up space while you charge. It has a three-color battery life indicator, so you will know how much power the device has throughout the day and when it is time for another quick charge.

More on Filling Up

There are many things to like about various vaping products on the market. Unfortunately, some are notorious for being messy when it comes to filling up the pods. You can find others that are clean and leak-free. The Zero Care product calls into the latter category. This is largely because the device has a tight, sure seal. You will not have to rely on rubber caps or other additional pieces to keep the liquid in. The Zero Care device locks automatically as soon as you are done filling up. This discourages tampering from children or other unwanted younger users.

Power Modes

The best vaping products cater to the needs of the user. Everyone has different tastes and desires when it comes to vaping. Vaporesso’s Zero Care Kit is an excellent choice because of its variety. It has three power modes, each of which is a breeze to access. All you have to do is click the on/off button on the device three times. Doing so takes you through the three power levels. These choices let users pick how much nicotine and flavors they are getting with every use. If you are more conservative in your vaping, no problem. The Zero Care allows for smaller amounts. But it can also deliver for people looking for a little more. In terms of wattage, the power modes are as follows: 9 watts, 10.5 watts, and 12.5 watts for the CCELL pod; 9 watts, 11 watts, and 13 watts for the MESH pod.


For many vapers, this is the most critical aspect of any product. Sure, the battery may last throughout the day and allow for a quick charge, and filling it up might be easy and mess-free, but if the performance is poor, who will want to use it? When it comes to a great vaping experience, the Zero Care comes up big every time.

Users love the fact that they can enjoy huge bursts of unforgettable flavors time after time. Face it, if you are an experienced vaper, you know what it is like to try a product whose performance fades after just a few refills. For some devices, the quality will diminish quickly, sometimes after a couple of weeks. The Zero Care beats a lot of its competitors in this area, giving you rich, satisfying flavors even months after the first fill-up.

Inside the Box

The Zero Care device comes in an attractive box and includes everything you need to start enjoying the product right away. You will not have to purchase anything extra to begin your experience. You will find one ZERO battery to charge your device and give you the most optimal, reliable performance. There is also one 1.3 CCELL pod, one E-juice filling bottle, and one USB cable to help you charge the device. Plus, you will have the user manual to walk you through the safe, effective operation of the vaping product. The box also contains the warranty card just in case you need to refer to those specifications and regulations.

Staff Pick Review

New vapers may experiment a little with different vaping products. More experienced users sometimes dabble if multiple vapes and cycle through a couple of different devices. However, for the most part, people who vape come back to what they are most familiar and comfortable with.

It is clear to see why so many users choose the Zero Care from Vaporesso and why they stay with it. This product is not overly flashy, but it is also not complicated, complex, or difficult to use. Most importantly, it will fulfill its promise to satisfy you and give you the tastes and flavors you want most.

There is no doubt that vapers have a multitude of choices out there. But if you are in the market for something new and different, you definitely cannot go wrong with the Zero Care device. There is a lot to like — from what it looks like to what it tastes like to how it functions. In fact, this is the type of product people like to stick with for the long term or perhaps never leave behind.

It is true that appearance does not make all the difference. The way something looks on the outside should not make or break your decision of whether to buy it or use it. At least, this should be your attitude when it comes to buying a vaping device. However, it certainly does not hurt that the Zero Care passes the eyeball test. It has an attractive, sleek, slender design that you need in a vaping product.

No one wants a large mod that feels awkward in a bag or in the pocket. It is great that the Zero Care is so small and inconspicuously goes with you everywhere without you even feeling it. When you take it out and use it, the device will stand out, thanks to its visually appealing colors and designs. Some people may not care about the color, but if that is important to you, there are several choices to pick from. Choose a standard color or something a little flashier to fit your mood and attitude.

Another nice aspect of the Zero Care is that it will not take you long at all to get started. Operating the device is a piece of cake. It does come with a manual, but really, you will not need much preparation to get started. It is intuitive, especially if you have used other vaping products in the past. There is an on/off button that not only starts it up and shuts it off but also takes you through the three separate power levels. It is nice to have these power options, as every user has a desire for more or less nicotine, clouds, and flavors when it comes to each vaping hit.

One common complaint among experienced vapers is that many products are notoriously slow as far as charging is concerned. The Zero Care is a must-use for its battery and charging capacity alone. Instead of waiting more than an hour for a full charge, you will be all smiles when you see that your product is ready to go in three-quarters of an hour or less. It does not require anything special to charge, either. All the materials for powering up are in the box for your convenience. A power outlet is all you will need to connect one end, and the USB plugs into the device.

Maybe even more exciting than the fast charge is the fact that a fully charged device can get you through an entire day. A lot of vapers have been on the wrong end of a device that dies at the most inopportune time. Perhaps you have experienced using a device that is on its last minutes of power, but you are not in a place to charge it. The Zero Care keeps going and going, sometimes into the next day and beyond, depending on your vaping habits and preferences.

When you are talking about refilling the device, too many products make this a pain in the neck. For some vaping mods, this might even be the worst part of the entire device. The wonderful thing about the Zero Care is that you should not have to stress out at all about filling it up with the e-juices you want. The MESH and CCELL pods both have 2-milliliter capacities, so they offer plenty of room for enough liquid to satisfy your cravings.

You can say goodbye to spills, leaks, and drips, thanks to the unique automatic seal method this device uses. This also helps to prevent tampering and any accidents that may occur. As far as safety, it is virtually impossible for children to get into this device.

Beyond the product itself, you will enjoy ordering this vape. Customer service agents are on hand to assist you with any questions you have or problems that you encounter. The manufacturer has taken great care to provide you with a high-quality product and to exceed your expectations.

Still, mistakes can occur. That is why we offer a two-week You Love It Guarantee! Not all vaping shops offer this nice benefit for customers. Here is what it entails: If you are not pleased in every way with your product, you can feel free to send it back. We will make sure we fix whatever went wrong and make it up to you. We will ensure that you are fully satisfied with what your product looks like and how it performs. This guarantee will provide you with items you may have been missing or those elements that fell short of your expectations. Just call or email a customer service agent. Help will be on the way promptly.

Final Thoughts

Shopping for any new product can be nerve-racking and give you anxiety. That is normal. This is true for vapes as it is for anything. On the other hand, you can also have confidence that the vaping product you are trying for the first time will blow you away when it comes to taste, ease of use, and dependability. The Zero Care compares more than favorably with its competitors and counterparts. In fact, it is difficult to find any downsides to using this device.

The Vaporesso Zero Care Kit is an excellent choice for many reasons, but one of the biggest is that it is an ideal product for people who have vaped with other products and people who are just getting into the habit. It also works well as a transition from smoking cigarettes and e-cigarettes. If you are hesitant to make the switch, just give the Zero Care a try, and you will see what you have been missing.

Do not worry if you prefer CCELL pods or MESH pods over the other choice. You can take your pick when you buy the Zero Care from Vaporesso. It is also easy to select the power level you want. This comes in handy if you need a lot of nicotine and flavor or if you just need a hint of these sensations.

The Zero Care might not be every vaper’s favorite, but it is difficult to see why any vaper — new or experienced — would want to shy away from giving it a try. It is easy to use and simple to transport because of its compact design. In addition, it gives you a burst of amazingly delicious flavors. It will also satisfy your nicotine needs time and time again. Also, you can count on this product for its longevity. Users continue to rave about the long-lasting battery life, not to mention the quality and performance even after numerous refills.

So, if you are nervous about switching from a different vape or cigarettes, Zero Care is without a doubt a fantastic alternative. This crowd-pleaser is almost sure to be your new go-to choice when it comes to vaping. Now is the right time to go online to Madvapes.com and search for the Zero Care. Here, you can learn more about this product. Soon, you will see just why so many new customers are finding out just how amazing this vape is and what it provides its happy users. Check it out now and fall in love with its simplicity, reliability, and wonderful flavors.



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